Colour Coded Products

Colour Coding & Detectability

Colour coding has been a significant tool in the past twenty years of the development of systems to manage and control cross contamination in the food industry.

In the Catering/Food Service industry the main risk assessment focus has been on the different levels of contamination risk from food type to food type.

In its simplest form raw poultry and cooked meat can be viewed at the opposite ends of the risk scale and keeping them apart is absolutely necessary. The use of coloured cutting boards and coloured handled knives provide a powerful tool when, for example, yellow boards and knives are reserved for high risk raw poultry and brown coloured products are used for lower risk cooked meat.

In the food processing industry colour coding is also an important method for controlling risk but the system can be applied on a broader basis by signifying various physical areas of risk within the process chain through the plant.

Whatever the chosen colour for whatever the purpose of the separation if all staff know the system and all adhere to it then the risks of cross contamination will be reduced.  By choosing from the Detectamet range of coloured products the food company gets the added benefits of detectable plastics that can be found by standard inspection/detection systems used in the food industry.

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